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Let Your Confidence Shine

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Enhancing Your Natural Beauty

Brier Creek Spa & Wellness in Raleigh, North Carolina offers aesthetic services, such as Botox, Fillers and lasers. Our experts on anti-aging and  skin rejuvenation are here to education our clients on achievable goals to desired results on youthful, glowing skin.

Nurse Injector Expert

Monica Walker, BSN 

Neurotoxins (Anti-aging, wrinkle reduction)(forehead, crow’s feet, and Glabella)

Botox $12/ unit

Dysport $6/unit

Xeomin $12/unit

Fillers (Restore and Enhance natural proportions) (Forehead, temples, nose, lips and around the eyes)

Versa $550/ Syringe (anywhere on the face) (9-12 months)

Juvederm $650/ Syringe (cheeks, Chin, Occipital) (9-12 months)

Volbella $450/ Syringe (9-12 months)

Vollure $500/ Syringe (9-12 months)

Voluma $800/Syringe (same areas as Juvederm but can last up to 18 months)

Kybella $ 600/ Syringe (Chin) (Administered by Medical Director)

*All Fillers distribute and dissolve based on body’s metabolism and can affect individuals differently.

Latisse $145 ( Eyelash Growth Stimulant) (Promotes eyelash growth as long as it is being used and when applications are reduced, lashes revert back to normal state)

Schedule an appointment with Monica and consultation fees are waived. She will consult with you to determine your desired outcome and develop a treatment plan accordingly.


Laser Hair Removal (All Skin Types) I-VI

 ( Treatments are completed 4-6 weeks apart)

Small Area $200 per area (Series/6) $1020 (group of 3) $110 each (Series/6) $1980

Medium Areas $300 area (Series/6) $1500

Large Area $ 400 per area (Series/6) $2100

Skin Tightening

Face $200 ( Series/6) $900

Face/Neck $350 (Series/6) $1800

Arms $350 (Series/6) $1800

Abdomen starting at $350 (Series/6) $1800


Face $225 (Series/3) $600

Face/Neck $375 (Series/3) $900

Face/Neck/Decollete' $450 (Series/3) $1200

* All laser treatments must be medically cleared by our Medical Director or Nurse Practitioner prior to any treatments.