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Enjoy the Ultimate Spa Experience

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Visit Our Spa Center

We partner with only the best! Only certified expert professionals will consult with you to focus on your every need.


After checking into Brier Creek Spa & Wellness, each guest is taken to our signature relaxation room where they are served with a complimentary foot bath. This treatment is used to incorporate the power of water healing techniques for all of our customers experiencing a spa service! 


Our highly skilled and qualified massage therapists will ease you into a tranquil state with a variety of specialty techniques to recalibrate! Don’t forget to visit our PURIFICATION SAUNA & join in on our THERAPEUTIC MEDITATION SESSIONS!

Monthly Memberships Available Now – Click here for more information

Swedish – If you wish to de-stress and enter a peaceful state of well- being and tranquility then this premier aromatherapy massage is for you! 

$95 - 60 minutes

$145 – 90 minutes 

Deep Tissue - Let us relieve your aching, tired, and stressed muscles with a firm massage. This treatment loosens muscles and connective tissue adhesions and is perfect for anyone needing deeper, more focused pressure. 

$125 - 60 minutes,

$175 - 90 minutes

Focus Massage - If you need muscular relief or are limited on time this is a great option for one of our therapists to work on a specific area of your body. 

$65 - 30 minutes


Hot & Stoned - If you enjoy traditional therapeutic massage, experience the benefits & comfort of heat & natural stones. We use hot stones to put you in a deep state of tranquility.

$155 – 90 Minutes 

Poultice - The poultices are a method of treatment used in Thai medicine. Poultices are heated spheres that are steamed then applied directly to your skin & can be a useful way to apply heat along your energy pathways (Sen Lines), acupressure points, and joints. The stimulation of Sen Lines allows healing energy to flow through your body clearing out negativity. This massage has a therapeutic and invigorating effect on your mind, body, and spirit! 

 $155 - 90 minutes 

Bamboo Zen - We use gently heated bamboo stalks to knead and focus on specific areas of your body to ease pain, stiffness, and immobility. This massage will instantly trigger your body’s relaxation response system and help to alleviate tension! 

 $155 - 90 minutes 

Prenatal Massage - If you are pregnant and in your 2nd or 3rd trimester, let us soothe your nerves  relax you into a state of well-being while providing relief to aching leg and back muscles to promote a feeling of relaxation and peace! 

$110 -60 minutes

$165 - 90 minutes 

Couples Massage 90 minutes (Swedish) $290

Experience the qualities of bonding with a private couples' retreat

 (includes 30 minute jacuzzi soak)

$320 - 2 hours

Ala Carte (Cocktails and/or Dinner) (prior reservation required) 

TBD-  3 hours

SIGNATURE WATER RITUAL – If you want water healing let our body therapist wash away stress and usher in the benefits of positive energies coupled with therapeutic! Receive a special exfoliating body scrub and tranquil massage. 

$165-90 minutes

ESSENTIAL OIL BODY RITUAL – Using a special blend of oils and exfoliating butter scrubs to relax your senses and techniques to stimulate muscles this body treatment will deliver soothing release of tensions throughout!

$165-90 Minutes

RECUPERATE BODY RITUAL – Let our therapist cover you in natural renewal body ingredients, then provide a therapeutic massage to greatly reduce your stress!. It combines Deep Tissue and Swedish techniques, relaxing and stimulating at the same time! 

$165-90 minutes


Mini Luxe – This miniaturized facial has all the basics of our Deluxe Facial with a modified schedule for your time constraints. 

$95 - 30 minutes

(does not include extractions)

Deluxe – A completely customized facial for any and all skin types! 

$125 - 60 minutes.

Power Facial – If you want your facial packed with the works, this extended power facial includes all the greatness of a Deluxe facial with chemical peel with microdermabrasion or dermaplaning if advised.

$245 - 90 minutes

Microdermabrasion-Using micronized crystals that act as an exfoliant, this facial will smooth out fine lines and wrinkles and will reduce the appearance of dark spots. 

Face - $95

Face/Neck - $135

Other areas available

PURIFICATION SAUNA – Enjoy time in our Sauna to rid your body of harmful toxins! Free to Members. Also Free with the purchase of any service. Otherwise, a 30 minute purification session. $30. 

THERAPEUTIC MEDITATION – It’s time to focus, gain inner peace, and center on SELF! Sessions Starting SOON!


- Waxing, Lash & Brow Tinting, Professional Make-up Application, & All Bridal Make-up Services, Microblading & Permanent Make-up.

Appointment Policy

We require 24 hour notice to change or cancel spa appointments. If you fail to notify us within this time frame, you are subject to 50% of the cost of your scheduled treatment(s).